Sunday, 5 August 2007

Testing the template's label cloud

A test post to ensure the label cloud works correctly...


  1. This is a beautiful design, one of the prettiest I have seen. Good job.

  2. Hi Amanda...
    Can you give me information about readmore stting and comment form for Butterfy template from you...
    please visit my site
    I have trying for setting but can not...why...?
    Thanks for your help Amanda
    Please send information to my email or my site
    Happy good day for you

  3. Give me information setting top tab

  4. how do you guys fix the navigation bar? the tab with home, contact us etc

  5. amanda.y i cant upload?please help me n send to my email

  6. Dear Amanda,

    I manage to download the butterfly template already but I have a problem with the navigation bar, the tab with home, contact us etc. it's no appear.

    can you give me the code so that I can copy the html template.

  7. will I loose all my blog archive if I install this template opn my blog?

  8. i cant down load this template why?



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